Our Health, Safety And Environmental Policy

Being aware of the fact that preserving and improving the environment we live in and occupational health and safety are inseparable parts of our business, our principles are:

  • To do business in accordance with the current laws, regulations and other requirements in force for all the sectors on a national and international scale,
  • To engage in protective activities in order to ensure that our employees and subcontractors work in a healthy and safe work atmosphere,
  • To use the natural resources efficiently in conformity with sustainable development goals,
  • To take all necessary actions to prevent incidents, injuries, health impairments and occupational illnesses, and take necessary precautions to mitigate or minimize all health and safety risks.
  • To prevent pollution through proper disposal of the hazardous wastes and other wastes that we create,
  • To ensure a safe, healthy and environmentally-friendly work atmosphere by engaging in activities to raise awareness of all our employees and subcontractors on occupational health and safety and environment,
  • To review all stages of practice, constantly taking improving, protective and corrective actions.
  • To ensure active participation of employees and employee representatives in all stages of the management system
  • To create a strong health and safety culture in which all employees contribute to the practices and development and are consulted by considering the needs and expectations of the relevant parties.


General Manager